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Rallarvegen: A Cyclist Adventure Vacation

Travelers seeking an outdoor biking adventure like no other should check out one of the most scenic bicycle adventure trails located in Norway. The Rallarvegen has been around a long time and was once used as a road during the construction of the Bergen railway. The Rallarvegen cycling trip begins in Haugastol, and takes travelers up to the Finse, passing through residential areas containing private cottages belonging to locals. Finse offers places to rest, to stay overnight, or more interesting activities for adventure lovers. There are opportunities to take a glacier walking experience, visit the various galleries, or just explore the wild countryside.

Upon leaving the Finse, travelers can visit the Navvy museum Rallarmuseet, where they can discover how the navvies, word derived from navigator to describe the groups of men who originally built the railways. The museum showcases the navvy way of life, tools used to build the railway, and other insightful information about the railway construction. The next must-see part of the treck is the signalman’s cottage Fagernut Vokterbolig. The house dated back to 1904 and is the highest point in the country at 4 297 feet above sea level. There travelers will find an exhibit about the mountain life of a signalman, the men who help guide the railways using lights and flags. From Fagernut to Hallingskeid is considered to be one of the rougher parts of the journey, as the road conditions tend to deteriorate after the winter time snow has melted.

From Hallingskeid to Vatnhalsen, the scenic wonders are at its finest of the trip. Bikers are treated to some of the most fantastic views of waterfalls and sharp down slopes, leading into the Klevagjelet gorge and the Kleven Bridge. Due to the terrain leading into the gorge, bikers are cautioned to walk their cycles into the gorge. Vatnhalsen also offers places for an overnight stay and other accommodations.

From Vatnhalsen, there are two options from which to choose as travelers continue towards the sea. Parties interesting in resting from cycling for a period of time can opt to take a train ride from Myrdal to Upsete. From Upsete to Voss, travelers can continue on by cycle. For those interested in continuing on by cycle, there is a path filled with 21 twists and turns that travels through the Flam Valley to Flam. This path has some of the steepest areas of the trip and after a day of pedaling, the area also offers overnight accommodation. If you want to book you’re accommodation before you go, however, take a look at HostelBookers.com for hostels in Norway. This website offers a large selection and includes customer reviews. If you’re on a slightly bigger budget, then you might also want to look at hotels available with Last Minute.com.

The entire experience can be an adventure for both cycling enthusiasts as well as family adventurists. It is important to remember that traveling through a mountainous area can result in fast-changing weather situations and potentially dangerous areas of travel. Wearing layered, weather appropriate clothing is essential as are waterproof foot gear suitable for both walking and cycling. It is not unusual for beautiful weather to change into a raging snowstorm in the middle of the summer. For more information about the cycling vacation in Rallarvegen take a look at the official website.

Travel Journal Exploring Norway